Teens sitting together.

Twelve Talks to
Have With Teens

Promotion Partner Toolkit

Each month, we are working together as a community to promote a specific talk to have with teens. This includes:

  1. Making the designated topic appear at the top of the page when parents, guardians or other trusted adults log on to ww.twelvetalks.com

  2. Sending out an email with resources and ideas to subscribers who have signed up through this website

  3. Asking all Promotion Partners to post information about this topic in their own newsletters or on social media.

 Jefferson County Communities That Care has created tools to help Promotion Partners spread messaging in their community. 

Here are some ways you can help promote Twelve Talks to Have With Teens:

  • Share the newsletter blurb or Facebook post on your organization's account. Each month has a topic and suggested text below.

  • Follow us on Instagram @Twelve_Talks

  • Share the Twelve Talks to Have With Teens Facebook post from Jefferson County Public Health. You can follow Jefferson County Public Health on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/jeffcopublichealth